Big Bank Boycott

"You're feeding the monster"



Action Steps

  1. Contact your big bank, letting them know you’ll close your account if they don’t divest from fossil fuels.
  2. Open an account at a local bank or credit union.  We’ve got resources to help you find options close to you.
  3. Close your account.  Let them know you’re a part of the Big Bank Boycott.
  4. Spread the word on all the social medias! #bigbankboycott

The Big Bank Boycott

Who are the bad guys?

Fossil Fuel Investments from 2013-15
JP Morgan Chase: $84.41 bn
Bank of America: $59.23 bn
 CitiBank: $57.12 bn
Morgan Stanley: $50.94 bn
Goldman Sachs: $33.52 bn
Wells Fargo: $28.72 billion
ING: $8.23 bn

TD Bank: $5.21 bn
PNC: $2.99 bn
Some other baddies:
US Bank
Capital One
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