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Move Your Money

Local Banks

Local banks are always a good bet.  You know they’re close to you, and their money goes directly back into your community.  Almost all of them have mobile apps so you can do your banking online, too.

How do you find a local bank near you?

This nifty Bank Locator, from the Independent Community Bankers of America, is here to help:


Credit Unions

Credit unions are another great resources, because when you invest your money, you actually become a part-owner.

Here’s a resource to find a credit union near you:

To be considered eligible for some credit unions’ membership, you’ll be asked to pay a small one-time fee, or make a donation to a charitable cause.

For example, Alliant Credit Union, a national credit union,, asks for a $10 donation for a foster care nonprofit if you aren’t already a member of one of their partner groups.

And if you’re worried about ATM fees, Alliant also rebates up to $20 a month for them.

So be bold, be brave.  Stop letting your money be used to destroy our planet.  Start investing in your community.

Invest Green

If you’re looking for green investments, this page can be a helpful resource:

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