Jamie Dimon, CEO, executive.office@chase.com

Dear Jamie Dimon,

I am sure you are aware of the urgency of the current global climate crisis. The UN has stated the necessity of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, it is absolutely crucial that businesses work alongside governments, individuals and other organisations to meet ambitious targets – especially when it comes to transitioning from fossil fuel use to renewable energy.

JP Morgan Chase’s environmental investment strategy claims: “We recognize that the policies and practices we adopt today will shape not only our lives, but also those of future generations.”  Why, then, has JP Morgan Chase financed $13.41 billion for coal power, $2.65 billion for coal mining, $37.77 billion for “extreme” oil drilling, and $30.58 billion for liquefied natural gas export from 2013-15?    

JP Morgan Chase plays a vital role in deciding what types of energy projects get funded, and in determining the future of our planet’s climate. If we are to prevent the effects of climate crisis from being devastating to us all, it is imperative that you stop providing finance to fossil fuel projects, and start investing in the sustainable economy instead.

The worldwide movement for fossil fuel divestment is growing every day. As a citizen concerned about our global capacity to meet targets and reduce the effects of climate change, I cannot give my financial support to an institution that bankrolls climate change. Therefore, as a customer of your bank, I hereby make the following demands:

– Immediately disclose all your investments in the fossil fuel industry.

– Commit to a 5 year plan to completely divest from fossil fuels.

If you do not meet these requests, I will be left with no choice but to move my money to a financial institution that takes its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously. Until you show a solid, lasting and credible commitment to fossil fuel divestment, as outlined above, I can no longer continue to support your organisation and its activities, and furthermore, I will do everything I can to encourage others to move their money from JP Morgan Chase as part of the Big Bank Boycott.  Your failure to divest will endanger my children’s future as well as your own children’s future.

You have a fantastic opportunity ahead to set humanity on course for a better future, to shift investment to sustainable energy, and to completely transform your own reputation in the process. Please, do what you know is the right thing.

With hope and my warmest regards,